• Skipper Training

Skipper Training


For all commercial fishermen who have completed basic safety training. The Short Range Radio course, Intermediate Stability course, Engine and Bridge Watchkeeping courses are all supplied free of charge for those wishing to qualify for the Seafish Under 16.5m Skipper Certificate


Short Range Radio

This is a 10 hour course, plus exam which we run over one and a halfdays. The first day covers all the topics required for the course, with practical sessions in the afternoon, followed by further practical sessions and exam the following morning, usually completing by lunchtime.

Cost: £125.00 plus £60 exam fee payable to the RYA

Bridge Watchkeeping, Engine Watchkeeping & Stability Awareness

All of these courses are required in order to qualify for the Seafish Under 16.5m Skipper Certificate. Bridge Watchkeeping and Engine Watchkeeping courses are available in either 2 day or 4 day format, and equate to the requirement for issue of the Restricted or Unrestricted Certificate respectively.

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