Dorset and East Devon Fisheries Local Action Group

The Dorset and East Devon Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG) is a funding option for public and private organisations within the Fisheries, aquaculture and related sectors.

The FLAG has been created to deliver Community-led Local Development in the area’s fisheries, aquaculture and sea food sectors. It aims to enhance economic growth in coastal communities by supporting the marine and fisheries sectors and help support implementation of Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) reforms.

The FLAG works in accordance with the ‘Dorset and East Devon Fisheries Local Action Group Community-led Local Development Strategy Aug 2016’. This strategy was created with stakeholders by the Dorset Coast Forum and Dorset County Council who held local consultations to identify the needs of communities and relevant sectors within the FLAG area and how to address those needs. This has been transformed into the strategy and a set of key priorities for local development of the sectors. These are:

  • Encourage and enable effective collaborative working across and within sectors
  • Strengthen the aquaculture sector in Dorset
  • Improve infrastructure and equipment to enable safe, sustainable working ports and harbours
  • Enable innovation to increase the value of catch and products
  • Support the industry by enabling diversification, up-skilling and training, and increase the knowledge and understanding of the sector to attract a younger workforce

The application consists of two stages. The first stage is an Expression of Interest (an outline of your project idea so we can assess whether it is eligible in the first instance) and guidance is available to help fill that out. The second stage is a fully costed application which will go to the FLAG board for decision. The FLAG staff are on hand to help you at any point during the application process.

If you think your project may be eligible for funding please contact the Dorset and East Devon FLAG on dorseteastdevonflag@dorsetcc.gov.uk or 01305 224766. This flyer also gives you a quick overview of what could be funded by the FLAG.

Things to consider:

  • The FLAG is match funding, for example if your project costs £60,000 then you will be required to fund a proportion of that yourself. Funding rates usually vary between 50% and 80% depending on the applicant and the type of project.
  • Funding is claimed retrospectively so you must be able to put up the initial costs and then claim the funding back. However you can claim in stages for the project so you don’t have to put it all up at once.
  • The maximum project total cost that can be considered for FLAG funding is £100,000. For example you can ask for funding of a project that costs £99,000 in total but if a project costs £101,000 then it is not eligible for the fund. However if your total project cost is over £100,000 the main European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) is an alternative option that you can consider. FLAG staff will still help you develop your idea but we will direct your application to the main EMFF core fund held by the MMO.
  • Please note: to be eligible for funding you must not have started work of your project before you apply to the FLAG fund. If work has already begun on any element of the project, then you will not be eligible for FLAG funding.

Dorset and East Devon Fisheries Local Action Group Community-led Local Development Strategy Aug 2016’

Dorset and East Devon FLAG EOI form

Dorset and East Devon FLAG FLAG EOI guidance

FLAG Leaflet

More information on FLAG can be found here.

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